What You Need to Know About Challenge Coins
Whenever you are interested in collecting US coins that one of the things that you should have in your collection is the challenge coins. It is these coins that are considered to be special. It is with challenge coins that they are used in the military with small decorations that will bear the military's organization. It is when these challenge coins are given to soldiers that they are made to raise the moral that they have and help the soldiers remember that they are always supported by each one of them. See  military coins usa

It is the challenge coins that started during the first world war. It is this one that has begun as a tradition in the united states army air service. It is the cost that will bear the insignia of the squadrons and is made from brass which is then gold plated. It is the challenge coins that are presented to the pilots of the squadron. Most pilots keep these coins in their small pouch or they can also wear it around their necks.  https://www.challengecoins4less.com/usa-made-coins

It is also the challenge coins that save some pilots from execution. There are some pilots that would land on foreign soil due to the heavy damage that their aircraft would have. With the challenge coins, that they have that worn around their necks that the allied forces will b able to determine their origin with the symbols placed on the challenge coins that they have. There are pilots that have been saved from French execution with the help of challenge coins that they have. These are the ones that will make sure that they will know the origin of where the pilots are from.

With the help of challenge coins that many of the pilots were able to come home. With these stories that these coins were started to be called as challenge coins and grew increasing in popularity since many are minted during those times. It was not long that the challenge coins were then adopted by all the branches of the military. With these stories that many different ones came about when it comes to the challenge coins. It is with these things that the traction of the challenge coins started. It is these coins that have bared different stories behind it and has become an integral part of raising the moral that the l men in uniform have.  https://www.huffingtonpost.com/toby-nwazor/challenge-coins-each-one-_b_11037044.html